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viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

Benicia - Para Tocar Y Bailar 2009

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Para Tocar Y Bailar
Import CD (Bibomusic BIBOCD10), Released 2009;

Para Tocar y Bailar is just that – a CD for playing and dancing. Crisp, upbeat commercial salsa colombiana with punchy brass, a snappy rhythm section, some nice tres and bandola guitar, and a diversity of genres, from guagauncó to guaracha, salsa romántica to cumbia, bachata to boogaloo. Benicia Cárdenas Zamorano is a talented singer based in the town that loves salsa, Cali, Colombia, Benicia possesses a smooth caramel voice that manages to convey both alegría and feeling. Standout salsa tunes are the title track and the opener, Con Usted. Both are about music and dancing, plain and simple. Cumbia Coqueta sports some tasty piano montunos over Colombia’s most famous rolling tropical beat, while La Reina del Boogalo zips along in a Teflon-coated Cali boogaloo style, much like La Sonora Carruseles. Ms. Cárdenas co-writes some of the best tracks with her brother, Jhon Jairo (Cárdenas).

Song titles include:
Con Usted 4:50
Baila Pegaito 3:39
Doble Error 4:48
Para Tocar Y Bailar 4:16
Cadera Y Cumbia 3:37
Quiero Embriagarme De Amor 4:32
Tiempo 4:48
Duele 5:00
La Reina Del Boogaloo 4:43
Cumbia Coquesta 4:36
Sexo (Bonus Track) 4:02

Musicians include:
Benicia Cardenas Voz principal
Diego Giraldo Coro
Mauricio Artunduaga "Luthotor" Coro
Sarli Katherin Delgado Coro
Jose Aguirre Trompetas
Carlos Latoche Trombones
Diego Camacho Conga, timbal, bongó y percusion menor
Lary Joshup Clave y shekere
Jorge Huertas Tres y bandola

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