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miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Wilson "Chembo" Corniel - Things I Wanted To Do 2009

Percussionist Chembo Corniel has a terrific new Latin jazz release, just out. And, in addition to his top-notch crew of Vince Cherico, Carlo DeRosa and Elio Villafranca, he's brought in some notable guests: Dave Samuels, Jimmy Bosch, David Oquendo, John Di Martino, Ruben Rodriguez, Marvin Diz, Junior Rivera and many others. A lush and adventurous project. Check out "Descarga Patato." High marks, and Highly Recommended.
Review to follow shortly. (BP, 2009-07-01)

Song titles include:
Buena Gente 5:41
Habana 7:23
September Cha 6:16
Tenia Que Ser Asi 5:26
Descarga Patato 4:54
The Sultan 6:56
Things I Wanted To Do 6:02
Isla Verde 6:42
Swing Street 5:19
Fantasma 7:03
Oru Pa' Tommy Lopez 4:28

Musicians include:
Ivan Renta Tenor, soprano sax
Vince Cherico Drums
Carlo DeRosa Acoustic bass
Elio Villafranca Piano, fendor rhodes
Chembo Corniel Tumbadoras, percussion
Guests: Dave Samuels Vibes
Ludovic Beirer Accordion
Jimmy Bosch Trombone
David Oquendo Guitar
John Di Martino Fender Rhodes
Ruben Rodriguez Acoustic bass
Tino Derado Piano
Gennaro Tedesco Lead guitar
Frank Frontaine Flute
Marvin Diz Timbales
Nelson Jaime "Gazu" Strings
Pedro Martinez Batá
Ogduardo Roman Diaz Batá
Iliana Santamaria Vocals
Junior Rivera Tres ...others

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