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jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

Joel Uriola Y Su Banda - Babalawo - Otura Airá Préndalo!!! 2009

Venezuelan Pianist Joel Uriola, who has played for Oscar D'Leon, Orlando Poleo, Changuito, and Naty y Su Orquesta, has dished up an infectious hybrid of Lucumí folklore and hard salsa. It's quite a combination and, at its best, is a slammin' powerhouse of rhythms and chants. Is this a salsa release with a folkloric soul or vice versa? Wrong question. Will it work on the dance floor? Two big thumbs up. Check out the timba-fied "Bogbo Oñí Eggun." This puppy can swing. Uriola brought in bassists Wilmer Herrera and Jhonny Martinez, as well as trumpeter Rafael Rey, bone player Lewis Escolante, timbalero Jesús Quintero "Chuito," and the singers Cheo Valenzuela, David Moncada and J.J. Ruiz. Listen to "Abriendo Camino Elewá" with the volume *way* up. It's a perfect DJ Pick to get the house dancing. For pure swing, and the sheer freshness of something new, this one gets...

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Song titles include:
Opening 1:45
Orula Ibború Ibboya Ibbosheshé 4:23
Bogbo Oñí Eggun 5:10
Abriendo Camino Elewá 4:15
Oshún 3:51
Shangó 4:08
Suyere A Eggun Obbiní 2:41
Suyere A Eggun Okuní 3:24
Quein Me Llamó No Me Conoce 4:19
Orunmila Iddun 4:51
Canto De La Mesa 2:49
Bonus Track: Súyere Omo Otura Airá 3:22

Musicians include:
Joel Uriola Piano, cantante
Wilmer Herrera Bajo
Jhonny Martinez Bajo
Rafael Rey Trompetas
Lewis Escolante Trombones
Jesús Quintero "Chuito" Timbales
Edwin Yempez Awó Ni Orunmila Ogunda Kete Intervención en el tema 2
Yomar Mendez "Caballo" Conga, bongó y percusión menor
Cheo Valenzuela Cantante, coro
Sandy Lee Coro
Alberto Arroyo Coro
David Moncada Cantanate
J.J. Ruiz Cantante

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